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January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022


“Agrippa said to Paul, ‘Are you going to persuade me to become a Christian so easily?’ ‘I wish before God,’ replied Paul, ‘that whether easily or with difficulty, not only you but all who listen to me today might become as I am—except for these chains.’” – Acts 26:28-29


In Acts Chapter 26 Paul is on trial before King Agrippa. When questioned, Paul stands and gives his testimony. He shares about the man he used to be, traveling from town-to-town throwing Christians in prison. He then tells the king about the day he met Jesus and the incredible transformation that took place in his life. When on trial, Paul did not try to defend himself. Instead, he took the opportunity to share the Gospel in front of everyone. His concern while on trial in front of Agrippa was not his own freedom, but the salvation of the king and the crowd.


What an incredible example! We spend so much of our day completely consumed with our own interests. When we are in line at the store, driving in traffic, or eating at a restaurant we are usually concerned about our own comfort… and we have a tendency to get angry with anyone who gets in the way of that. So, it is hard for us to imagine standing on trial for your life and yet still being concerned more for those judging you than for yourself. I have a challenge for you today: as you go about your business, look at the faces around you. Pray for God to fill you with compassion and give you a desire to see everyone you meet come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Father, give us Your heart. Give us a heart willing to sacrifice what it is we want in order to see people recued from hell and brought into the family of God through Jesus Christ.


In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Shane Cannon

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