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April 6, 2022

April 6, 2022

“For you should wage war with sound guidance – victory comes with many counselors.” – Proverbs 24:6

My OCD tendencies often cause me to overprepare for even small tasks. Whether I’m undertaking a large building project, working on restoring a car, or doing a simple repair job around the house, I seek all the guidance I can get. I read up on it, ask several people that have more experience than me, and I’ll usually check out a few YouTube videos as well. I get frustrated very quickly when I feel like I’m doing something over and over without getting the results I’m hoping for. Because of this, it gives me a lot of anxiety going into situations where I feel unprepared. Even though I am sometimes embarrassed to admit I don’t know how to do a seemingly simple task, I know my likelihood for success is much greater when I seek as much guidance as possible.

This truth applies to my spiritual battles as well. Sometimes I am ashamed to admit that I am struggling with something I think should be easy. Sometimes I am embarrassed to ask for help. But whatever the battle I’m facing, I know my chances for success are much greater the more wisdom I seek from the godly brothers and sisters around me. So, what battle are you fighting right now? What spiritual war do you see on the horizon? Think on that today and then begin to look for those you can go to for wisdom. Don’t be embarrassed; we all struggle. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help; we all need it. Your chance for victory in any spiritual battle becomes much greater when you seek a multitude of counselors.

Mighty God, surround us with wise saints and then give us a humble heart to seek out their counsel. Let us have victory in every battle through the strength of godly fellowship.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Shane Cannon

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