Mission Statement

In the strength of the Holy Spirit, we honor God, grow in Christ, relate in love, serve each other, and connect with the community.

Vision Statement

A well trained and prepared people of God that will promote a unified effort in proclaiming the truth of the exalted Christ while focusing on the moral, spiritual, and social well-being of each individual and family member.

Worship Services

It is our intention to worship God and He alone. He is worthy because of who He is as is conveyed in the Trinity. We attempt to balance emotion with intellect and to preserve biblical integrity of worship. We sing, pray, teach, and preach the Word of God. There are times during our services that testimonies are declared and our own people voice songs. At other times, we may have guest vocalists and speakers. Our quiet time, or contemplative meditation, is a feature of our services we believe to be truly biblical. Offering plates are not passed; parishioners contribute their tithes and offerings in the boxes mounted on the walls in the church building. We believe that giving sustains the ministry and that people are free to give without being forced. Occasionally our worship services will also include the Lord’s Supper and the ordinance of Baptism. We at Mesa Christian Fellowship give God our worth by worship and our faithful attendance.

We have a Worship Team that coordinates all aspects of our services so that there is a fluidity of movement that brings honor to God in our services.

Come join us!